• Great Expectations &

    Celebrations are met

  • Generously Gracious,

    Intimately Focused

  • The Opulence of Having

    all you Imagine,

    Together in One Place

  • The Artistry of Ambiance

    with Personal Attention

  • Inspired by Romance,

    Perfected by Vocation

  • The Celebration you Imagined...

    is Realized

    L A R K F I E L D



Imagine, opulence that marries the Old World style of Tuscany with touchstone technology.  English gardens and stone patios create a vineyard oasis and generous rooms accented with timber, rich textiles, wrought iron, and vaulted, Trompe L’oeil ceilings open and flow into one and other, as each stage of your event unfolds. 


The finest service, from the planning to the catering of your event, is orchestrated with a focus on your personal preferences.  Every attention to the needs and comfort of you and your guests goes into making certain the celebration you imagine is realized to its fullest potential.


The art of banquet begins with the finest ingredients, fresh from the market produce, fish and meats, and from premium purveyors, olives oils, cheeses and chocolate.  At the Larkfield, great cuisine is a marriage of exceptional culinary talent, the right ingredients and perfect timing.


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The ambiance of Old World romance and the opulence of modern amenities, inspire and cater to guests of the Larkfield






Imagined as a romantic villa estate, the Larkfield combines the grandeur of Europe’s great halls and courtyards with intimate settings including garden nooks and fireside sitting areas; striking a perfect balance in setting for your entire celebration.

Personal Attention

Gracious, personalized service begins at the onset of your Larkfield experience. From our dedicated banquet managers and event planners to personal, fully appointed bridal suites, the Larkfield provides a model service to you and your guests. 

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Your time at the Larkfield is orchestrated to create a memory that is timeless.






Social Events



For so many reasons, birthdays are exceptional.  Regardless of whether the birthday is in celebration of special rite of passage or an opportunity to acknowledge a special person, at the Larkfield, it is a momentous and joyful occasion.

Reunions & Dances

With dining rooms capable of seating more than 400 persons to the intimate seating areas and full service bars, the Larkfield is the perfect place to get to have some fun getting acquainted and reacquainted with friends and family.

Other Milestones

Celebrate the special moments in life, from baby showers to graduations, baptism to proms, life is marked by these special events, so celebrate them with verve.  The Larkfield offers several venue and catering possibilities for large and smaller parties, all set within the beautiful estate grounds.

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Innovative technologies inherent in the architecture and design provide a seamless integration of technology and ambiance.







Corporate Events


Integrated Technology

From giant-sized dining room mirrors that are hidden viewing monitors, to audio surround sound throughout the dining rooms, The Larkfield has anticipated the technological needs of its guests and integrated the latest technological offerings into the décor.  Corporate events that combine business and pleasure, can segment the event agenda in seamless fashion.

Rewarding Relationships

Whether you are rewarding your hard working staff at the end of the year or celebrating a new partnership, creating the social aspect of business life is part of cultivating your business.  Motivational launches, congratulatory kudos and educational seminars are all reason to “take it out of the office.”  The unique setting of The Larkfield offers a venue that is appreciative and unexpected. 

Networking & Fundraising Events

Networking is an integral part of Long Island’s corporate and philanthropic community.  Participant attraction is essential to the success of these events.  The NEW Larkfield is centrally located several of Long Island’s business hubs and offers an attractive venue equipped with the technology to help you get your message across while entertaining invitees.

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Great partnerships effortlessly bring unique expertise together for your occasion.












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